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 It is very delicate for a breeder to accept that his customers be in contact with his cats and kittens. The breeder can't be certain that they haven't visited another cattery or don't have at home, a contaminated animal which might be asymptomatic.

We must not judge the breeder refusing visits because most likely, he has had in the past bad experiences that potentially put the health of his cats at risk, in addition to often being very expensive in terms of treatment and complicated to treat.

Here is the list of viruses, bacterias and protozoans that can be transmitted without even knowing it:

Giardia (Giardia Lamblia)

Trichomonas fetus

Rhino (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis) often due to a weak immune system and stress.

There is a long list of various protozoans, viruses and bacterias, but these are the most common in a cattery. The treatments are expensive, complex in a context of many cats and long to treat which makes it very annoying for the ethical and health-conscious breeders.

Another important point is insurance ... yes, the breeders must have insurance but some companies do not protect against stolen cats or kittens. So you now understand why some breeders can't be offering a visit of the cattery to their customers. It's easy to steal a little kitten ... At Bengal Laurentides, we've added a camera surveillance system that allows us to track unscrupulous individuals!

But how can we guarantee that our kitten comes from ethical breeding and that they all have a good quality of life?

First of all, ANIMA-QUÉBEC offers a very complete certification advocating the well being of animals. The accreditation standards are high and breeders must meet regular and random inspections. We are very proud to have obtained this certification.

At Bengal Laurentides, you can come and meet us on-site, in a cosy and clean environment. Our meeting room has been well thought to allow our customers to see our breeding males, adult females and several maternity rooms with kittens and their mother. All this works very simply. Our customers are walking through in a hallway allowing them to see all our cats and kittens playing in their environment through big glass doors. We are therefore certain not to disturb them and not to risk any transmission of viruses, bacterias or protozoans. This way method requires specific facilities and we are happy to allow our customers to visit our cattery practically without restriction and to adopt a kitten that has not been in contact with anyone else than the breeder himself.