Why can't I Have my Kitten when 2 Months Old?

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Buying a little kitten is a very exciting thing. As a future Bengal owner, you may be eagerly awaiting your baby's arrival at your home. But be careful not to be in a hurry!

The weaning period of the kitten is approximately 12 to 14 weeks. At Bengal Laurentides, we noticed that some kittens would take more time than others before weaning. Sometimes the mother decides for herself that it is time, sometimes it’s the little ones that just stop being interested in mom’s milk. Some breeders will allow their kittens to leave the cattery between 8 and 10 weeks old for different reasons as for saving money, saving time or because they have another litter and that their facilities do not allow them to keep them longer. We’ve noticed that the 8-13 weeks old are critical for the evolution of the kittens. We sterilized our kittens at three months of age, and if everything is right, they leave the cattery between five and seven days after the operation.

The kitten will develop a lot of confidence and learn what to do from their mother. Our breeding females are adorable and confident, and we believe it is essential for the little ones to grow in this energy as long as possible. The kitten will forge his personality throughout this period, and you will be the first to benefit from it for many years to come.

Occasionally, due to medical reasons, some babies should be weaned more quickly. If this is the case, more intensive veterinary monitoring is needed as well as an almost constant human presence to ensure not only its survival but its safe and healthy evolution. This is not easy since a young weanling kitten may look healthy for a few days and his health can deteriorate extremely quickly before your eyes. He may stop eating and fall into hypoglycemia. If this happens, you have very little time to go to the emergency vet and stabilize his condition. Once done, you will have to keep an eye on him for days or weeks. This expensive and stressful situation is challenging for the owner as well as for the little one. Breeders are the most experienced one when it comes to helping kittens in need.

Although the wait is sometimes a little long, it is worth the effort. The breeder and the mother are to educate your little one to give him the best tools to ensure that he can blossom in your family and this, to your greatest delight.