How to Feed a Bengal Cat?

Over time, we have tried a few different kinds of foods. In the end, our choice ended with the Royal Canin Mothers and Baby Cat (0-4 months old), Kitten formula (4-month-old up to one year old) and finally, the Adult Bengal formula. Once the kitten is in his new home, we recommend that the owners keep the same diet with the Royal Canin.

Our breeding cats are also currently fed with Royal Canin. We noticed a real improvement in the digestion of the food and all have a beautiful silky coat, as should a healthy Bengal have.

It is important not to choose a type of food according to its price per kilo. Bengals have a sensitive stomach and in the end, you will save more money by feeding your Bengal with good quality food. Moreover, a rich and healthy diet will ensure that your animal will reduce its portions by itself since it will feel a sense of satiety more quickly.

Royal Canin Kitten is found in almost every shelf of animal centers in Canada. When you come to collect your little companion at Bengal Laurentides, you will receive a starter kit including a reasonable amount of Royal Canin’s food.

It’s also important to say that Bengals love boiled chicken. We usually use the breast. We often treat them with little slices of boiled chicken and they are crazy about it! Good news, it’s easy to freeze and not messy at all. Your Bengal will be very happy with a chicken treat here and there. Even as a kitten.