Why Use a Waiting List?


All breeders do not have a waiting list. Indeed, the management of such a list requires a lot of time, and not all breeders have time to manage this. However, this list can be beneficial for both buyers and breeders if done correctly.

As a buyer, you may have already approached some breeders to obtain a kitten according to your needs. That said, it is quite possible that most of the time, the cute little kitten that you wanted was already reserved by another buyer if not sold. Through experience, we have noticed that our customers really appreciate having a choice when it comes to making a selection out of a litter. The waiting list allows you to do so as the breeder will contact you according to the order of the registrations. This will give you a choice between many kittens out of one litter or more. The buyer can decide not to select one of the offered kittens, and therefore his priority remains for the next litters until he finds the perfect companion.

 It is essential to carefully select your kitten and not act spontaneously or impulsively. Your future Bengal will be your faithful partner for more than ten years, so it’s obvious to say that its selection is critical!

Also, the registration of a buyer on the waiting list shows to the breeder how serious you are in your process. Therefore, the breeder will be more confident in inviting you in is home. Do not forget that breeders are regularly contacted by all types of buyers ...

At Bengal Laurentides, our list is relatively short as we have a lot of females and therefore, many litters each year. Our list is renewed regularly allowing buyers to obtain several choices within a very reasonable time. At Bengal Laurentides, we are using a priority list instead of a waiting list due to a large number of kittens we have regularly.

The waiting list is also a reassuring factor for the buyer. Knowing that other customers are registered and waiting for a kitten out of this breeder, shows his professionalism and the quality of his breeding.

In the end, if you want to have many choices out of different litters, it’s definitely best to register to a waiting list!