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I am a full-time breeder, so I'm constantly at home form my babies. Previously I was breeding a different breed of cats, but with the arrival of my first child, I stopped the breeding business to focus on my family. Today, my children are old enough, and they have become important partners in the socialization of our kittens. They regularly handle the kittens and stimulate them to prevent them from leaving our house with anxiety problems.

I am passionate about Bengals. I find their look and temperament really exceptional. I am pleased to offer to all of my future Bengal's parents high-quality kittens with guarantees and to offer the best service, which I hope will satisfy the most demanding buyers. Given the growing demand for this breed, our breeding is gaining momentum with the arrival of new cats carefully selected through the years. Many of them are imported from around the globe to ensure a rich genealogy and target a type of Bengal particularly popular with our selective buyers. The quality of life of our cats, as well as an impeccable service for our customers, is crucial for us.

Live the passion of Bengal with us!

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The breed

The Bengal is a loving cat, very affectionate. He quickly bound with his owner and is friendly with strangers. Each cat has its personality, and your visitors will be charmed by your Bengal. Its presence and elegance make them an exceptional breed.

Bengals, especially ours who are socialized very young, make excellent partners for children, even young children. If you are alone, no problem, but keep in mind that you will need to take time with your cat and stimulate it every day. If you work outside during the day, no worries but again, take the needed time for your companion. Ideally, all Bengal owners will tell you, having two cats is a great way for busy people to make sure your cat does not miss any stimulation. That said, all breeds are not good to mixed in the same way that if you have a senior cat at home, it may not like the arrival of an energetic and full of life kitten.

Bengal is hypoallergenic. We invite you to read on different website about them. One of our sons is very allergic to cats and have no problem with all our Bengals. The allergic person will be put in contact with his kitten while the hair of this one remains fuzzy (until he is four or six months approximately). The person should not have allergy symptoms or very little, and his immune system will slowly get used to his new companion over time. In this way, once the kitten is almost grown up, and despite slight hair loss, the allergic person should not react. No breeder can guarantee a 100% non-reaction.

It is strictly forbidden to put our cats outside. Purebreds should not be exposed to various diseases that are easily found outdoors or by contact with other animals. Also, think about the thieves! Bengal are beautiful cats, and it could be tempting for a stranger to keep it. Protect your Bengal and adapt your interior instead.

This breed of cat is active without being irritating. I think it's the perfect mix between dogs and cats.  Bengals have a very strong personality and will be able to express most of their needs. Yes, even a Bengal can bring the ball back to you! Children go crazy with our Bengals cats!