The cat paradise of Bengal is not elsewhere than at Bengal Laurentides. Veronique is unquestionably the fairy of this unequalled breeding cattery of small leopards. I can only repeat everything that is said about her, professionalism, passion for her little ones, availability, experience, cleanliness and everything else. Thank you Veronique. Patience has its rewards, to wait for Leo to finish his mission as a stud seemed like an eternity but now, he is my baby and I'm in heaven!

MIMI (Translated)

Absolutely great experience with Bengal Laurentides and Véronique! She was quick and responsive and super helpful setting up the sale (and immigration to America!) of Bacchus. Very professional and a great experience. 
I did not get a chance to visit the Cattery, but can tell Bacchus was well-loved and socialized. He’s super sweet and affectionate and totally fearless exploring his new home and meeting new people. He’s a truly beautiful cat and has a clean bill of health from both his Canadian and US vets. 
I couldn’t be happier with Bengals Laurentides, and my particular Bengal!


The recent acquisition of our little kitten Léo from your cattery, makes us happy day after day. It’s a loving cat, very affectionate, playful and full of energy. Your passion for the Bengal breed is transmitted in your cattery by your professionalism, transparency in your documents, follow-ups, tips and photos. This was very appreciated. So thank you Mrs Duchesne.

LAURENCE (Translated)

Thank you for this warm welcome. Only good advice, patience and impeccable service even after departure. When we see kittens in such a clean and respectful environment, we know we are in the right place.

FRANCINE & SHAWN (Translated)

I found and I still find a lot of listening from the owner. It's reassuring. Excellent service, she does her best to accommodate us. Thank you Véronique at Bengal Laurentides for your professionalism.

MARIELLE (Translated)

Impeccable service! It is very reassuring to buy a kitten at Bengal Laurentides because they have a sincere love for the animals. Thanks again!

LYDIA (Translated)

A big thank you Véronique for your trust and your dedication to your cats and especially Charlotte who seemed to be destined for us by life ....., especially for Sylvie ... She adapts very well to her new home and learns to know her new canine brothers ... She is jealous as we had been told and affectionate also as hoped ... We are very happy with our acquisition.

SYLVIE & SERGE (Translated)

Excellent service and beautiful cats!

PATRICIA (Translated)

Impeccable service and professional. We are very happy with our choice of breeder. We have a beautiful kitten at home! The service after delivery of the kitten is very good too! Véronique quickly answered questions that we had the first days following the reception of our little kitten.

JULIE (Translated)

There is a warm and impeccable service. The kittens are gorgeous, tacky, and sociable. It seems like it's done with all your heart and love.

JULIE (Translated)

If you want Bengal kittens of beauty, affectionate and active you will find them at Bengal Laurentides. It's more than just breeding. You will find with the owner, Véronique, the passion, the availability to answer all your questions or concerns, the love, a great experience and a search for the perfection of the breed. Thank you Bengal Laurentides and Veronique for Luna and Chloe, 2 beautiful kittens who get along well.

BRUNO (Translated)

Super experience, great advice and super kitten! I highly recommend you !! Nice bond of confidence and super clean, your cats are lucky to have you!

SABRINA (Translated)

Impeccable service, beautiful cats and lots of information on the website.

NATHALIE (Translated)