Should I Choose a Male or a Female Bengal?

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When it comes to choosing a kitten within the same litter, you may be faced with a very common dilemma: male or female?

As a breeder, this question is often asked, if not almost every time. To make it even more complicated, it is possible to read many different types of information on this subject on the internet. We will help you understand the differences between both males and females.

The apparent difference between the male and the female is the weight. The male can sometimes double the size of the female. The good thing about it is that the male is very strong and will adapt well with young children, often a little harsh on the cat. Moreover, as it is rather heavy for very young children, they are less likely to badly handle them. The important thing is to educate your children.

The male will be slightly higher than the female, his neck will be less defined than that of the female, and he will become much more muscular. Males are generally very athletic, while females are often slender and thinner. That said, according to the bloodlines some females can be quite strong. It is important to inform the breeder of exactly what you are looking for in a cat. We didn’t notice any other difference in the behavior of sterilized males and females. All our kittens are neutered at a very young age and therefore, have had no hormonal spike that could alter their behavior.

When the time comes to select your kitten when he is about 2 months of age, we make sure to offer pictures, and details about the temperament according to what we had the opportunity to understand for each of them. Some females will be more active and bold, others calmer or analytical. Same thing for the males. We do not judge our cats based on the sex but on their personality. This way, you’ll be sure to get the right partner!