Litter K-2019

We are very happy to announce the birth of four beautiful brown spotted kittens, born on July 8 from Magnolia and Jack. The litter consists of two females and two boys. All are of exceptional quality. We invite you to contact us for more information or to register for our priority reservation list.


Reserved for Manon

The beautiful Kiva is such a pretty little angel. She likes to be in control of her environment and will be attentive to anything new around her. Curiosity wins every time with her and Kiva will go anywhere she can have fun. She loves hugs and people with steady energy. We believe that with very young children, she might be less comfortable but Kiva is doing good with young people who can respect her. She is very affectionate and loves when we give her attention. # 60387

Price: $ 1,600


Reserved for Oliver and Thomas

Kirikou is a sweet boy who's got such a great Bengal attitude! He constantly seeks attention and knows how to make everyone laugh around him. He is absolutely charming and very agile. Kirikou will be happy in a family with children as he will have a lot of energy. He already acts like a little dog and follows the action everywhere around the house, always looking for a new adventure. # 60384

Price: $ 1,700


Female, under evaluation

Karma is a spectacularly well-defined female. Her rosettes very pronounced and will have many Bengals blush! Miss Karma already has huge "Wiskaspads" and a face with well-rounded features. She has very big paws and an athletic silhouette despite her young age. This female is "breeder/show" quality and will make many envious cat lovers. Karma is very smart, loves to play and have fun. She simply has no flaws! We are very proud of this beautiful girl. # 60386


Male not available for reservation

The beautiful Kronos is a miracle kitten. Around the age of one month, Kronos contracted a virus that aggressively attacked his immune system. We saved him by the good care of our veterinarian and our experience with newborns. That said, we can not offer Kronos to the public at the moment. He is much smaller than his siblings and we want to wait for him to develop normally and catch up with the other little ones. We sincerely thank everyone who has regularly ask for his condition and we sincerely hope that this spectacular boy, with an extraordinary determination to live, will quickly find a loving family. # 60385