Litter D-2019

On March 8th, Cao gave birth to 4 beautiful brown babies. All are doing well and so does momy. We invite you to contact us quickly to reserve your priority choice on this stunning litter.


Male, RESERVED for David.

Dimitri is a handsome little boy who loves cuddling and who is very active. He likes to climb everywhere and hunt the broom when mom cleans up after them. Dimitri is just as affectionate as he is energetic. He will be happy in a family with children as well as a single person or a couple. Dimitri analyzes the situation before going for the adventure, but he will gain confidence as he grows up. # 59776

Price: $ 1,700


Male, RESERVED for Steffy.

Dexter is a sweet teddy bear. His patterns are very contrasted and his face is perfectly round giving him the expression of a small teddy bear. He is still very young but we have noticed that he is a little more curious every day and that he slowly gains more confidence in himself. Dexter will be happy with a couple or with a single person with experience, as long as he is given love and affection. Dexter is still shy and we think he’ll blossom as he will gain confidence and will learn to trust his future parents. # 59777

Price: $ 1,600


Male, RESERVED for Valérie.

Diego is the youngest of the litter. Smaller than his siblings, he is not yet as active as them. But that will quickly change! He is lively, curious but cautious and analyzes the situation before moving forward. Diego is a very intelligent boy who is still very attached to his mother. He is a little sweetheart! He will be very affectionate and active growing up. Diego will make a family happy just like a single person or couple. # 59778

Price: $ 1,650


Female, RESERVED for Diane.

The beautiful Dahlia is a very active little princess. She already has a personality of her own and doesn't mind fighting with her 3 brothers! Dahlia is both affectionate and lively but you have to earn her trust. Once she trusted you, she will follow you around everywhere! Dahlia will be happy with children but also with a single person or a couple. It will be important for her to be loved and get playtime periods with her future owner. # 59775

Price: $ 1,700