How to Choose your Veterinarian?

The choice of a veterinary clinic is essential for the future owner. Clients too often make the mistake of selecting the clinic based on the geographic location, closest to their residence. Having said that, we found that two similar clinics charged for the same services, very different amounts. Beyond the costs, it is important to appreciate the service of the clinic: Is the staff friendly and caring? If you have questions are they offering you all the necessary answers in a reasonable time? Is their a comprehensive service offer? Does the clinic's opening hours meet your needs? How many veterinarians work at this clinic?

In the past, we have worked with many veterinarians in the Laurentian area. Today, we appreciate the services of our veterinarian Dr. Patrick Lewis of Mirabel. His casual approach, friendly staff, and variety of services make his clinic a very good reference. We recommend our customers to continue at this clinic, however, considering that our buyers come from all over the world, it is sometimes impossible to continue monitoring with our veterinarian. It’s therefore important for the buyer to find his own veterinarian, ideally before the arrival of the kitten.

Your future kitten will require an appointment within 14 days of the possession date to ensure the good health of your companion. As a breeder, it is crucial to have a partnership with the veterinarian. The clinic is in a sense our second office since we are there regularly.

Clinique du Domaine Vert
11600 Mte Ste-Marianne, Mirabel QC Suite 100